Highest paid player in the IPL 2020?

Posted by Nitin Mahajan on

It's all about priorities…

This time too it will be Virat Kohli who has a salary of 17 crores.

After that, Rohit Sharma and Mahendra Singh Dhoni follow him with a salary of 15 crores.

Virat is the only player who has played for a single team since 2008. He has never been auctioned in the 12 year history of IPL.

Although he has never been successful in leading his team Royal Challengers Bangalore to an IPL win, the management has kept trust on him. Although he has not been an ideal captain, as a batsmen he has been exceptional and consistent through the 12 years of IPL. He has amassed 5412 runs in the 12 years of IPL at an average of 37.84 and a strike rate of 131.61 making him the highest run scorer of IPL.

Although he has had limited success as a captain in the IPL, the major factor in his high salary is his consistent batting performances. Thus he justifies his hefty price tag.

You are the best judge.

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