YONEX Aerosena AS2 Feather Shuttlecock (AS 2, White)

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  • 100% solid cork at the Base
  • High quality real goose feathers for the cone
  • Box contents: 12 Yonex AS 2shuttlecocks
  • Color: White
  • Best In Class Shuttlecock with consistent and sustainable trajectory.


Professional Quality - Tournament Level Yonex AS2 -Aerosensa 2 :
Yonex Aerosensa Shuttlecocks are officially recognized shuttle for international tournaments around the globe. These shuttle are first choice as feather shuttlecock for all type of tournaments. Yonex used precision engineering process to develop shuttle so that badminton players get best quality shuttle every time.
Each box of Yonex AS2 is equipped with 12 shuttes. A2 is made of high quality goose feather which gives superb flight and speed in different environmental conditions. Shuttle head is made of 100% cork material.
About Yonex Feather Shuttlecock :
A- Yonex used Best in Quality Portuguese Cork for head of shuttlecock
B- Cork is 100% Solid there is not composition on that

C- Yonex Used 100 % Goose Feather
E- Yonex Used 7 largest feather from each wing to prepare high quality Yonex feather shuttles for tournament level quality.This type of high quality feather from each wing gives stronger , more durable and best consistency each time.

F- Performance of Yonex Aerosensa shuttlecocks are consistence as compare to other brand shuttle.When tested the flight on Aerosensa shuttle on court then it show the accuracy of 25 mm drop from target while it comes 75mm for other brand shuttle .

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